CleanAir Stove

The CleanAir Stove is a revolutionary technology that is a fuel efficient, clean burning, safe, reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use cooking appliance that uses renewable fuel.

The CleanAir Stove is the solution because:

  • It operates on as low as a 50% alcohol concentration without pumped pressure
  • There is no other stove exists that can operate on 50% alcohol and achieve hot enough temperatures to boil water;
  • It has very few parts making assembly simple;
  • It boils water in comparable times to an open fire, the fastest known method to cook;
  • It does not produce harmful smoke or carbon emissions;
  • It produces no soot;
  • It is safe to use;
  • It has an adjustable flame which reduces fuel consumption and increase food yields;
  • It is not pressurized.



International Clean Energy Solutions CleanFuel

The International Clean Energy Solutions CleanFuel is a proprietary fuel designed to work in the CleanAir Stove. The fuel is safe and renewable and can be sold to most consumers at prices less than the other cooking fuels in their market.