Benefits of our Solution


Benefits to the Consumer

  • The consumer will save money cooking their daily meal because the cost of the International Clean Energy Solutions CleanFuel will be less than other cooking fuels
  • The consumer received a cooking device that burns faster and cleaner than most other fuels
  • The consumer receives a safe fuel
  • The consumer gains the benefit of better health by not being exposed to harmful smoke
  • The consumer receives an appliance that they will be proud to own
  • The quality of life improvements are immeasurable

Benefits to the Environment

  • The environment improves by the reduction in carbon emissions
  • The environement improves through a reduction in deforestation and the secondary impacts deforestation has on coastal and marine life
  • The economic impact of renewing industries such as fishing and tourism are immeasurable

Benefits to the Adopting Country

  • New jobs are created for manufacturing, assembly and distribution of both the new CleanStove and the new CleanFuel
  • Foreign investment is made in the adopting country to develop the infrastructure to distribute the Cleanstove and CleanFuel
  • The cost of fuel cooking subsidies can be lowered or eliminated allowing such funds to be spent on other important projects
  • Health costs incurred by the government to treat those a ffected by burns, cancers and respiratory ailments will reduce.
  • Leaders can take responsibility and pride in implementing a solution that provides real benefit to its citizens